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It all started in 1955 while I was assigned to Pomona Naval Air Station outside Atlantic City, New Jersey. Exploring the city led me to discover the now world famous, White House. I found myself there every day savoring a sub and a soda. Though I left the service, I couldn’t leave my cravings behind. Luckily for me, I had made friends with the owner. On occasion, he would put a load of subs on a bus to me in Pittsburgh.

Over the years, I made many trips to Atlantic City just for their delicious sandwiches. There were times I flew there, and other times I loaded my car with coolers to bring them back for friends and family.

In 1975 the owner of the White House gave me his recipes for each of his subs, but until I could find the right bread I had to put my dream on hold. Finally, in 1998, I discovered Breadworks, the perfect sub sandwich bread!

But there is another part of this story …

Every time I'm in Pittsburgh I practically live on SubMed Cafe's amazing food!

~NC, Los Angeles, CA

My family immigrated to the United States from the Mediterranean, and, that was the food I grew up loving. I knew I had to share the tantalizing richness of our Middle Eastern delicacies with our friends and customers.

SubMed is the realization of my dreams, combining all of the foods I love. Enjoy!